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Vision Exams with COVID-19 in the Community:  What You Need to Know


Dr. Jane Rubino – September 2020


  1. Costco requires a mask be worn when you are in the building. There may also be a line in the event the store or state is enforcing the 50% capacity rule.  If there is a line, please inform the door person that you have an appointment.  You will be allowed to enter the building without waiting.

  2. There are no longer waiting chairs outside the doctor’s office, hearing center or optical.  For elderly or those needing to sit during the 5-minute prescreening, you may request a chair, and we will sanitize it for you ahead of your arrival.  You may also use your own wheelchair.

  3. The office may be cooler than usual since we will be wearing additional personnel protective equipment (PPE).  We want you to be comfortable while you are with us, so please consider bringing a cardigan or light jacket.

  4. We recommend bringing a personal pen with you to the appointment to help keep communal contact to a minimum. 

  5. A COVID-19 screening will be conducted at the entrance to our office, so please arrive no later than five (5) minutes prior to your appointment time.  We will check to see that you are wearing a mask covering your nose and that the mask is acceptable for entering the office (i.e.KN95, N95, respirator or surgical mask).  If you do not have one of these masks, we will provide a surgical mask for you to wear.  You must wear a mask during your entire appointment.  A small bag will be provided for your loose personal items such as keys and phones.  You will be asked a few questions about your risk to COVID exposure and your temperature will be checked.  If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or above, or your questionnaire responses reveal you are at an increased risk for COVID, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment no sooner than 21 days later. 

    To ensure your safety, pre-screenings and questionnaires will also be completed by each of our team members as they arrive.

  6. Only the patient will be allowed into the office unless it is critical to have a guardian present. Only then will one other person be allowed in.  The guardian must wear an acceptable mask and will also be given a COVID screening.  The guardian will go straight to the exam room once the pretesting is finished. Parents can request that the doctor call them with the results of their child’s exam.  Please provide a phone number to the Care Attendant conducting the screening as you drop off your child.

  7. Please be aware that certain requests you have during your scheduled visit (i.e. making additional appointments for other family members, or inquiries related to insurance) must be made by calling our remote receptionist after you leave the office.

  8. Please refrain from shaking hands, hugging, or any form of personal contact.

  9. Credit cards and debit cards are the preferred method of payment.  Please avoid paying with cash if possible.  Checks are not accepted.

  10. Current contact lens wearers: please take a picture of the prescription on your contact box.  It will be difficult to get information from the optical department during this busy time to confirm or get clarification based on your past orders.

  11. Until further notice, we will not be conducting training on the insertion and removal of contacts for new wearers or those interested in a new fitting. This training requires significant amounts of face touching and additional time in the office, both of which would create an increased risk viral spread.

  12. Most of the pre-exam and post-exam documentation will be completed online now and sent via text or email.

  13. We are pleased to offer Optos Retinal Photo Imaging--which gives your doctor a high-resolution view of the inside of your eyes without drops (in most cases) for a $29 additional fee.

  14. We have installed a contactless payment system. No more touching keypads in order to enter payment type or PINs.

  15. We have designated extra time to thoroughly clean equipment and surfaces between patients.  We have also established a patient flow system to help ensure safe distancing.

  16. In certain cases, your doctor may request or allow a tele-health follow-up after your routine exam.


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